1 Some of these are quite extraordinary!
2 The ice Neatly Folded itself

Art in the Snow

3 Fresh Snow Over Christmas Lights
4 Art Only Nature Ca Creat
My Fence This Morning After A Snowy Night On Terschalling,The Natheriands
5 This Pattern in The Snow On A Patio Table
6 When Constant Winds And ice Meet A Fence
7 How My Cat Feels About Snow
8 The Snow Was Very Geometric When I Went Skiing
9 When They Ask If There's Much Wind Where We Live
10 Yep That's Snow
11 The Way The Snow is Resting On This Handmade
12 Apple Orchard After A Snowfall
13 Snow Striped Forest
14 This stop Sign After A Week Of No Sun
15 The Snow Has Settled Only On The Outline Of The Bricks On My Friends Driveway

清水俊一君が [Art in the Snow]と題するアメリカの友人が送ってくれた写真20枚をご紹介致します。

(2023.01.10 dora記)

16 This Crazy ice Wave Formation From Snow Slowly Meltting Off The Tin Roof Of My Patio
17 The Snow Melted And Slid Down The Wire In A Spiral Form
18 Snowballs
19 Unmelted Snow in The Shadows