Historical Photos

Historical Photos That Might Change Your Prespective On Things
On 27 January 1945 was the liberation of Auschuvitz. To forget would be to say these faces,the faces of milions of others didn't matter. Never forget. Teach the children to remember.
This is a mass burial at sea,on the USS Interpid in 1944 following a kamikaze attack. I've never seen this photo, and I figure most of you probably haven't either. I posted so people can see, and remember the incredible sacrifices made on our behalf.
And then there was the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918.
Happy(and very luckey) to be alive-1917
104 years ago this fountain in Detroit,Michigan was left running alloing it to build layer upon layer in to this 30 foot icy spectacle.
1937: when ever ice skating was done in a swit.
A woman on a mission with her baguette and six bottles of wine.(Paris 1945)
Daddy's office, John Ji's playground
How homework was done before google.


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